How to use Technology for your small business?



  1. Connectivity with people

  2. Enhanced marketing tactics
  3. Effective utilization of social media.
  4. Remote workplace convenience.
  5. Productivity using technology.
  6. Technology for security.
  7. Smart usage of cloud features.
  8. Saving time with automated tasks.
  9. Add videos to your content.
  10. Better and decent customer services.



Technology like many other environmental factors has become an integral part of our daily lives. In this twenty-first century, we don’t use technology we pretty much live in technology.

In this exponentially growing competitive world, technology manifests its own boons and banes on us, how we use it is totally up to us as it could be a useful servant but could also be a dangerous master.

It could be used in more than just one effective and smart way. The adroit usage of technology in your small business could help you to leverage your limited capital in a more efficient and versatile way to assist in making progress throughout the process.

With connectivity at their fingertips, people always stay up to date with digital trends. There are lots and lots of ways to keep track of the new and ongoing happenings around you, i.e. it implies we head towards whatever direction the technology does. As advanced technology aims to enhance connectivity, it serves as an enormous channel for bringing people together, as consumers can stay connected with the companies offering products they are interested in via those multiple mediums.

Businesses that operate on a small scale or the newfound small start-ups must come up with adequate knowledge to put better usage of technology in the best interest of their business as it is not only cost-effective but also a simple and economical option, which makes it the most viable option provided for making your small business grow. As per the global statistics of July 2021, around 61% of the total population i.e., 4.80 billion active users present worldwide use the internet, out of which 92.1% access it via their mobile devices and roughly two-thirds of the internet users use it via their laptops, desktops or tablets.

When you take into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic, you can compare for yourself as to why the application of technology in your business would be extremely favourable for your business. Unlike the big and large scale business that survived the storm, small businesses were crippled even more. Having a small business range in terms of physical options or reach could be very exhausting.

Thus, using tech-friendly approaches in your business could prove to be highly beneficial to your small business as your customers find it easy to handle and feel at ease. Technology promotes various advantages to the small business to extend themselves to the people who might be interested in their products while helping them put a fight against the big businesses and large scale industrial giants. With the help of different available technological tools, small scale businesses are provided with a chance to feel less threatened and feel encouraged to accelerate their dreams. Effectively using it not only helps the business to approach a wider range of targeted audiences but also helps to make those customers loyal to the business.

Connectivity with people:

The instant you hear the word technology ‘communicate’ pops into your mind surprisingly. Connectivity is just a click away and it’s possible because of the state-of-the-art technology.

Modern-day internet connectivity has come up with more than just providing information as a glorified encyclopedia. The internet nowadays provides its user with multiple features and allows them to shop, sell, invest, promote, watch, study, read and connect instantly.

People stay easily connected due to technology and this ability further serves as the major pillar to remain updated and close for any business with their customers. It helps to connect with your customers as staying in touch with your ideal targeted customers will help you learn more about their needs, requirements, constantly changing trends to bring them the most desirable solutions.

Technology serves as a great tool and has become an essential and worthwhile part that one can simply say that it acts as a thread of a garland.

Constantly improving and revamping modern technology lets you send targeted emails and newsletters, personally tailored messages to specifically designated customers which in turn could change them into major leads for your business.

It also provides you with multiple mediums and platforms to connect with the world, lets you think out of the box with a certain level of flexibility, is super convenient, wider scope of operation to prosper accordingly.


Enhanced marketing tactics:

Regardless of the type or model of business, you are indulged in you have to be very specific about your marketing techniques. Think about it thoroughly as it becomes the foundation for the growth of your business. With the dawn of technology on us, we are practically overwhelmed by technology. Technology has become more accessible than ever and those who can put it into use discreetly to make the best of it and end up with successful outcomes.

With the advancement of applied science, one can get high tech reliable and impressive business plans. The first step towards eCommerce is to set up a server and thereafter build a website to reach closer to your customers. Building a website is important as gives a quick insight into your offerings and values to your prospect customers as it serves as a virtual prospectus for your business.

There are a number of website building tools available out there that helps these small businesses to build a website of their own keeping your authenticity intact while promoting your brand to be aware of your presence.


Effective utilization of social media:

Long gone are the days when you relied on strategies and single-handed methods like TV and radio advertisements, distributing leaflets, pamphlets, or handwritten bills to let people know about your brand and product. The digital approach to the world has made it possible to become more reachable while providing them with a wider range of options at the same time. Therefore the technique of reaching out to the prospects using the internet, social media, smartphones, and such mediums is known as ‘Digital Marketing’.

The most basic yet effective tactic to grow a small business is to equip the utility of social media via digital marketing.

Far-reaching channels and platforms for digital interactions provides easier strategies to target and attract customers. Thus, upon dividing a market into several discrete sections you can easily identify the needs of customers to target a particular section as per their needs. You can approach your customers via different mediums such as e-mails, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, etc. to keep them updated about the latest launches and programmes, schemes and sales. With the effective the B2B and B2C campaigns you can generate potential leads for your business as per their day-to-day changing and evolving requirements. Thus following such changes constantly you can attract customers and make them regulars of the company.

Thus, harnessing the magical powers of digital marketing is an essential step. Focus on the targeted section by retargeting them with tempting and relatable advertisements and promote your brand trust by having more transparent, straightforward conversations and providing required assistance which in turn would help them resolve their problems and allow them to seek answers to all their queries.


Remote workplace convenience:

Working alone could become a trend as well. To make any business successful you sure do need to work your fingers to the bone but if you possess apt skillsets and are diligent enough to pull through the situation nothing can set you back from having a particularly successful business.

However, it becomes quite difficult to find such conscientious employees who own such skills and are pretty thorough at what they do and keeping them employed for long will simply exhaust you financially.

Hence, to avoid such sticky situations if you are confident enough you can start working on your own remotely.

As technology brings in better and more stable aspects of connectivity, you are free to work on your remotely at your convenience. You don’t need to stick around people who are unable to get your concept and help you with the same, you can operate on your own with those having the same aim from anywhere around the globe.

Thus, technology ensures that your productivity doesn’t go down the drain yet you are comfortable enough to achieve your potential skills to grow.


Productivity using technology:

With the advent of technology, you are offered a wide range of productivity tools that help you increase the efficiency of your business.

For any kind of business, you need to be deeply devoted to your work, and you end up assigning different individuals different tasks which as per your analysis are highly eligible to execute.

Doing so majorly saves you some time while assuring you a productive outcome from the same. Technology makes management a lot easier, taking into consideration the roles each person is assigned to and the techniques followed by them to complete their tasks to maneuvre them as per accordance is capable of bringing out excellent results.

You can put into use several times tracking software/tools to ensure and evaluate higher accountability, productivity and improvement by keeping track of how you spent your time, whether you wasted it or utilized it optimally.

To know more about your business and its responsibilities, you can use project and task management tools.

Moreover, you’re even offered digital dictations to speed up the time-consuming transcription work.

Also, the process of email management lets you stay on top of the flow of messages and remind your targets about the new offers and solutions you’re offering. You can also have easy access to sort, save, share, and find documents while creating a digital filing system.


Technology for security:

From one of the many technological benefits for small businesses, the best feature remains to provide high-end security.

With the help of technology, you can secure your business from any sort of hacking or cracking.

Modern security provides features like prevention from any breach of security, active firewalls and encrypted passwords providing a stable sense of security. It further bypasses issues like copyright infringement and other copyright laws consequently protecting your private and valuable data from any sort of hacking or theft.

To keep your data safe from theft or plagiarism it also provides copyright protection or simply copyrights your work.

Smart usage of cloud features:

As cloud refers to the internet and the way you operate ‘in the cloud’, it describes how you store and access your data via a stable internet connection.

Effectively using cloud computing provides a basis and gives access to businesses allowing them to reach information virtually by creating a global and flexible way to reach that data at any time or place they want.

Thus, in terms of technology, it proves to be very beneficial for small businesses. Using cloud features can in the long run help you to reduce the number of computer and software applications. Cloud also helps to keep backups for different sorts of essential documents like files, PDFs, data, images, etc., as these documents are backed up and saved instantly to keep the information safe, these data are easily accessible from any part of the world on any said device like mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc., with just a link.


Saving time with automated tasks:

To keep up with the pace of this fast-changing world, you need to move quickly, but your business needs to be nurtured slowly as it needs a lot of focus and attention. Therefore, to kill two birds with one stone you can delegate separate tasks to different individuals.

You can use different apps or opt for various social media platforms to do such automated tasks of sharing regular posts for updates of your business. To ace consistency in the field of digital marketing, this automation is highly beneficial.

Apparently, you can schedule those different tasks and posts which need to be shared on multiple platforms to promote the business. To provide a better experience and save time, a few software and applications even come with the option of auto-reply to a customer’s comment.


Add videos to your content:

Rather than spending the entire time after reading a whole page, adding a few cute animations, catchy graphics, short descriptive how-to videos can create a major significant difference in the area of operation for a small business.

To aim for a long-term profit you can invest some time in creating and uploading your business-related video with the help of editing software.

People generally prefer watching to reading. In addition to the videos, you should also focus on highly informative content and landing pages which at a glance should hold the capacity to captivate the interested prospects.

Better and decent customer services:

No business can sustain for long in the market if they don’t have any potential customer, user or investor. Customers are the main reason for the existence of any business it forms the lifeline of the business as they are the final outcome of their hard work, invested time, energy and money. Thus, customer satisfaction remains the main priority of your business. Happy and satisfied customers will not only become your regular patrons but also will bring in more potential leads.

Therefore, you must ensure that you are providing the best quality of product or service out there in the market or more warmly than your competitors. You can put social media to use and research, analyze and catch on to new trends to provide them with modern customized products and services.

You can also take into consideration their demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioural interests. Like their age, gender, value, nature, taste and preference, income, jobs, location, race, ethnicity etc., using digital marketing techniques. Once you develop the idea or get a clear picture of who your customers are you can gradually begin to get a hold of what kind of ads would catch their attention or what ads should you show them to give them a quick insight into what you offer via the different digital marketing tools.

Establish a well-built and stable ground for regular conversation with the customers via chats, quick calls, reviews, case studies, testimonies to walk them through any grievance or obstacle they are facing or be open to their suggestions and improvise your products as per their recommendations. Social media platforms play a major role in this case.


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